Online piracy could be impacting your business today

If you sell digital goods or train employees with video, you may have already been subject to content piracy. Deter malicious actors up front with SafeStream.

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Most video content is easily downloaded

Most content is easily downloaded: password protection and DRM can’t prevent theft once the content has been accessed

Stolen content diminishes revenue

Studies show consumers watching pirated video would pay for content if they had the option to watch easily and legally. By deterring piracy, you’ll gain more interested viewers.

Illegally shared content harms your brand

Businesses who suffer from piracy often lose brand trust as current and potential customers consider how much value your business places on security.

The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Video Piracy

SafeStream stops piracy

The same real-time watermarking technology used by Hollywood can now protect your learning, training and corporate communications video.

Stream Everywhere

Responsive, distraction free HTLM5 player keeps your users focused on the content

Hold Users Accountable

Watermarked content is less likely to be shared as it can be traced to specific users

Get Started Quickly

Integrate and start protecting your videos in the same day

Universal Playback

Works on mobile devices and every browser without proprietary player software

How SafeStream Works

Easy File Upload

Upload files directly to SafeStream and manage your library with our admin console

Choose Watermark Template

Pick the right watermark for your content and your audience

Embed Code

Use the ready-made code examples to integrate SafeStream in your site with minimal development

Pay For What You Use

With no monthly minimums, SafeStream lets you pay for what you use



SafeStream for Business is priced on a per view basis with intermittent watermarking and no minimum monthly fees. Pay-as-you-go with a tiered model that scales with your business.

Small Business
Views per month
Estimated cost
35¢ / view
30¢ / view
25¢ / view